We don't really have a lunchtime menu: I cook something fresh every day so just choose either a veggie plate or a non-veggie plate and enjoy


Whatevery you fancy, you will always find something to satisfy your hunger.  We always have a rice or cous cous dish, some tasty pulses, some cooked veggies and lots and lots of tasty salads, sauces and of course, our delicious falafel. Vegans and Vegetarians thrive here!!


We are by no means exclusively vegetarian, there are chicken, meat and fish dishes prepared daily.  


You are welcome to pop in and eat here, pick up a take away, or if you can order in advance, we could deliver your dinner hot ready to eat or chilled ready to store .


Chilli con Carne
Mutton Tagine
Feta Salad

Falafel Wrap


  A sample of our dishes




Spicy Rice


A Mixed Veggie Plate  

I can cook anything so if you fancy something special, give me a ring and a bit of notice and I'll be delighted to cook you whatever you like:


You could be planning a family night in with some comfort food like a cottage pie or a curry, or a delicous lasagne with a fresh, crunchy salad; a day's notice and it's yours.


You might like to plan ahead and organize dinners for the week.  I can help you with menu planning and drop off your boxes for you.


Do you need salad boxes for a working lunch? no problem.


Do you have an elderly parent to cater for? I have lots of easy to digest, nutritious meals designed for elderly parents who have become difficult to satisfy.

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Due to a change in circumstances, I have had to close my shop but am planning to open another next year.  Please send me your details so that I can add you to the database and keep you updated

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