A bit about Egypt, Egyptian Food and us.

It is no longer necessary to visit Egypt, land of the pharaohs to enjoy the tastes of the Nile. Great Egyptian food has now arrived in Britain.

Egyptian cuisine is very tasty and nutritious. Dishes are based on good quality ingredients that are delicately spiced and enhanced by the use of lots of fresh herbs. Vegetables play a major role in the Egyptian kitchen and appear in many of the wonderful tomb paintings that have survived as a pictorial record of the lives of the pharaohs and the people of ancient Egypt.

Although there are no recipe books remaining, we have clear evidence of the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, fowl, and fish cooked and enjoyed by the ancients; from the amazing tomb paintings that are there in glorious colour to the writings of ancient travellers and scholars such as the Greek Herodotus.

For thousands of years the river Nile has been the source of great bounty for the inhabitants of the great country of Egypt; its rich, silt laden waters of the never failing annual floods, creating some of the most fertile soil in the world.

Beans were a very important staple of the Egyptian diet and indeed still form the basis of two of Egypt's most loved national dishes:

Foul and Ta'amia are the traditional Egyptian breakfast enjoyed by millions of Egyptians everyday. Foul is a delicious puree of fava beans flavoured with lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, cumin and fresh herbs. Something that gives me great delight is to see the face of somebody who tries foul for the first time and is astonished by the wonderful symphony of flavours that accompanies every mouthful. Scooped up with pieces of warm pitta bread, foul is not only the perfect breakfast but a tasty, satisfying meal that will keep you feeling full all day long. Ta'amia is the original falafel.


Made with broad beans, spices and lots of fresh herbs, Egyptian falafel is a delicious healthy snack to be enjoyed at anytime of the day. Eaten on its own or broken into a delicious salad with chopped tomatoes and parsley, our ta'amia makes the ideal vegetarian snack - fragrant and delicious with a certain 'come back' factor that is irresistible. 


We don't only serve vegetarian dishes.  Molokhia - the dish of kings is a delicioius meaty broth flavoured with finely chopped molokhia leaves is a truly delicious, comforting meal served with white rice.  I make it with lamb as I prefer the flavour and texture of the meat but in Egypt it is traditionaly made with rabbit or chicken.



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Due to a change in circumstances, I have had to close my shop but am planning to open another next year.  Please send me your details so that I can add you to the database and keep you updated

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